Surveys that Pay

Below are links to four established survey sites that pay through cash, rewards, or both for your time and opinions:

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Each survey site has their own method of compensation for visitors that share their opinion or offer feedback on many subjects. Taking surveys online for cash and/or rewards is a fun way to make some money online, although most survey sites do not pay enough to replace a full time income-unless, of course, you win the big prizes! When taking surveys online, find companies that you like to work with and remember, in most cases, the more surveys that you take the more chances you have to win any prizes or rewards that are being offered and, when being paid per survey, the more opportunities you have to get paid. Please review any guidelines, rules or compensation plans for any paid survey site that you join so that you are clear on what the company expects from you and what the company has to offer you-and have fun taking surveys online!