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We’re moms sharing our opinions based on our own personal experiences with the products we list. Our reviews are honest and we try the products out in real life situations in homes with pets, kids and spouses. As with anything, we make no guarantees on what your experience will be with any product, but we do our best to most accurately represent the products we review and our experiences with them.

PR Friendly Site for Moms welcomes product review requests and proposals from promotional campaigns that you feel may be a good fit for our audience. While we do no focus only on product reviews or promotions on our site, we do participate in those that we feel our readers will appreciate and can benefit from. Below you will find links to our current product review request forms. You can also contact us via email at

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Basic Disclosure:
Our reviews are our honest opinions and based on our experiences with any item or service that we review. We usually receive free products to review and to give away to our readers, like most sites that offer reviews, but that does not affect how we feel about a product and it does not affect how we review a product. Some of our reviews are for items that we just happened to find and fall in love with-it happens.

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