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Printable Witch Halloween

We love printables around here-especially when they are free :) so we designed 3 printables for you to enjoy with your little ones. Today we are giving away our printable Frankenstein Mask, our printable witch mask and our printable spider craft.

Use the printable masks for fun around the house! You may also want to laminate the printable masks and printable spider to include in your home’s Halloween Decor! Each Halloween printable is designed to fit onto regular printer paper so you can print it right from your home and enjoy right away.

Tip: After printing these Halloween freebies, embellish them with things that you already have at home: glitter, paint, feathers, buttons-what ever you have. When embellishing, we suggest printing Halloween freebie out and them gluing it to card board or chip board.

Printable Witch Halloween Free Halloween Spider Craft Free Frankenstein Printable Halloween

All files are in PDF form so you will need a PDF reader like Acrobat in order to use. If you do not have a PDF reader installed (you probably do), it’s free! Just click here and get it.

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Terms of use:


Please do not link directly to any downloads. If you would like to share this giveaway with your friends, family, readers, etc., please link directly to this link:


These printable designs are being provided as a courtesy to our readers and in doing so makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to your end results, overall enjoyment or equipment behavior and will not be held responsible in any way, shape or form for any outcome, one way or the other. By downloading these printables, you are formally accepting these terms and agreeing to all points herein.

Copyright & Olea Works Design retain all copyrights to designs and give permission only for personal use. Designs may not be redistributed online or off line, sold, traded, linked directly to, used in any commercial capacity, included in any CD/DVD/Flash Drive or any other form of digital file storage. Any attempt to redistribute, sell, giveaway or make monetary gains in the use of these designs with out expressed permission is illegal and will be pursued as such. And, we’ll probably stop making these free goodies for you, so there’s that.


Enjoy! If you have a printable that you would like us to consider making going forward,use our contact form and let us know. While we make no promises, we love suggestions and may just make it![/box]

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