Free Dr. Suess Pumpkin Carving Template

The Lorax Movie

The Lorax MovieHere’s another great Halloween freebie brought to you by the upcoming Dr. Seuss film, “The Lorax”.

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About “The Lorax”

The newest 3D Dr. Seuss film is set to hit theaters in March 2012 staring Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle and the one and only Betty White! It is a story about a boy looking for the one thing that will win the love of a special girl. To do so, he has to discover the story of the charming, yet grumpy, creature, The Lorax.

Mark your calendars
for March 2010

This will be the third feature film created by the same creators of Despicable Me(a movie favorite of ours!) and Hop, so it’s going to be a movie you’ll want to check out!

Use this free pumpkin carving template and bring The Lorax to life on your front step. Make sure you are following The Lorax on Facebook and if you decide to use the template share your creation there!

Free Lorax Pumpkin Template - Dr. Seuss

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