10 Reasons to Celebrate your Husband on Father’s Day


There seems to be a recent trend in skipping holidays, especially those considered ‘made up’ by the gift and card industry. On top of that, there are those that celebrate the Father’s Day with their own father, but not their child’s father. Regardless of how Mother’s Day or Father’s Day came about, we are pro-celebration with your husband and here’s why:

  1. He is the Father of your child(ren)

    That’s a pretty important position in the grand scale of things. If he’s the biological dad that means you guys created at least one special human that’s half you and half him-and that alone makes him special. If he isn’t the bio dad, but he’s been an active and supportive step dad, then he’s still got a thumbprint on your child and your child is being shaped and molded in an environment that would be very different if step dad wasn’t around. Either way, he deserves some recognition.

  2. It shows your children that we appreciate others.

    Kids can easily get caught up in holidays that only (or mostly) benefit them if that’s all that they’re exposed to. It’s easy to only concentrate on the birthdays and Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s day, but what about having them actively help celebrate someone else. Encourage them to be the givers instead of the receivers by celebrating Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, National Mail Carrier’s Day, etc.

  3. To remind him that he’s special.

    Men may pretend to not need an ‘atta-boy’ here and there, but trust me, they do. It doesn’t ever hurt to make someone else feel appreciated and even if you think that you have made your appreciation clear, consider Father’s Day the cherry on top of the ‘Thank you’ Sundae.

  4. To show him how it’s done.

    Many moms skip father’s day because their spouse overlooked mother’s day. Don’t do it-celebrating father’s day even though he missed mother’s day can be the first step in the both of you having one special day every year. Treat him how you want to be treated and watch his reaction. Still think he’ll forget your day next year? By him something for the yard that he will love-tools, his favorite NFL team decor, what ever. Since Mother’s Day is in spring, that will be the perfect time to go outside (a week or two before hand) and say, “Remember when the kids picked that out for you for Father’s day last year? That was so nice.”, give him a hug and walk off, seed planted.

  5. He’s there.

    If you don’t think that merits an ‘atta-boy’, listen to some single moms that are dealing with absent fathers. Sure, all dads should be active in their children’s lives, but the reality is that many aren’t. Let’s not overlook those dads that take their responsibility and their position to heart.

  6. You love him.

    Even when he’s on your last nerve, deep down inside, you do, and it’s okay to say it and show it. We all know the saying, “The greatest gift a man can give his children is loving their mother.”-let’s not forget that it goes both ways.

  7. Your children love him.

    He is there Superman, their hero, the one guy that can do anything he sets out to do. Part of the fun in honoring someone else is how good it makes you feel to let someone that you adore know it, 100%.

  8. Celebrating is fun.

    We all can use a little more fun. Whether you end up enjoying a trip to the lake or bar-b-queing by the pool, get into the fun spirit of Father’s Day and you all will have a good time.

  9. There’s something that he needs.

    Some men don’t say when they need something like new shoes, socks, underwear, tools, etc., and they don’t buy it for themselves. Take a look around and see what he could use and use Father’s Day as an excuse to surprise him with it. If you go the route of getting him what he needs, I suggest throwing something extra in, like a DVD of one of his favorite movies (you only have to pay $5-10 for many older titles at Wal Mart) or a special dinner of his favorite meal-followed by his favorite dessert.

  10. To smooth out a rough patch.

    All marriages have them, and they are no fun, but Father’s Day can be a nice break from the rough patch and start things moving more smoothly. It’s hard to stay mad at someone that’s gone out of their way to show you appreciation, and even if he’s the source of the problems, you are in a family. At then end of the day, the whole family benefits from a peaceful household, regardless of who’s at fault.

Father’s day doesn’t have to be extravagant, it doesn’t require months of planning and there’s no reason to spend more money than you can afford-even if that’s $0. Be thoughtful and creative this year and you and your children will come up with the PERFECT Father’s day celebration and start a new tradition! Regardless of who or what created these special days, let’s take them as a reminder to appreciate the people in our lives that we love.

Are you celebrating Father’s Day this year?

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